Nature Getaway: Sunset Hike Around Walberla & Rodenstein In Franconian Switzerland

From the office to the summit: a quick ascent, a beautiful experience on the mountain top, a fantastic sunset, a cozy spot for your picnic dinner. An after-work tour in the region around Nuremberg is the ideal end to any busy workday.

The Ehrenbürg – also referred to as “Walberla” – is an iconic table mountain near Forchheim. It is often said to be the “gate to Franconia Switzerland”, a gorgeous nature park stretching between the triangle of Nuremberg, Bamberg and Bayreuth.
Climbing Walberla is a family-friendly activity on the weekends and both a romantic and thrilling experience during sunset.

02:00 hours
6,3 km
Easy Hike
Trekking Shoes

Hiking To The Top Of Walberla

Starting at the car park in Kirchehrenbach, follow the paved road uphill and turn left at the first fork into a vast forest path.
This path will lead you up to the first cross, from where you will already have a fascinating view of Forchheim and the Franconian Switzerland Nature Park.

Keep following the steeper path until you reach the Walburgis chapel with the bronze figure of St. Walburga. At the chapel, turn left and climb up to the easternmost point of the Walberla table mountain.

This is a beautiful spot for a picnic. Whenever I’m here, I really enjoy sitting up here enjoying the view and letting my thoughts pass…

Walberla Table Mountain

The other side of the Walberla also offers incredible views towards Erlangen and Nuremberg in the far distance. And this side is especially great to see the sunset.

Hiking To The Top Of Rodenstein

Follow the path into the valley that’s located between the two mountains, Walberla and Rodenstein, and keep hiking until you reach the stairs that will lead you uphill to the cross on the summit of Rodenstein.


Rodenstein is probably one of the best view points in the area and an incredible spot to watch the sun go down.
The view stretches from Bamberg in the north to Erlangen and Nuremberg. Plus, you get to see the Walberla in all its majesty from the other side.


If you’re staying for sunset, I recommend making your way back to the car the same way as you came as it will be dark pretty soon.

However, if you still have time, why not continue your hike around Walberla and make the 6-km-round trip?

Continue your hike on the path behind the summit cross and follow the signs with the black crown. The trail will take you to the back of the Rodenstein mountain. Keep left and trek into the forest, from where the path will lead you, uphill and downhill, back to the point where you started your ascend to Walberla.

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