About Me

Hi, I’m Lena and I’m the founder of Lena On The Move.

I have always been fascinated by exotic places and small islands away from the crowds.
Why? Well, I like secluded beaches, laidback lifestyles and the smell of the sea when I wake up. I like how every island has its own way of life. I like spending time underwater and immersing myself in a world that is still a mystery to us in large parts. I love the gracious moves of sea turtles and the curious looks of puffer fish. I love watching the sunset after a day of diving with my hair salty and my skin sandy.

I created this blog to be a platform to share the best island destinations with you and give you a chance to fall in love with the laidback island life, too.

On this blog, you’ll learn how to find hidden gems on popular tourist islands and how you can go scuba diving without having to break the bank. You’ll read about affordable island adventures and tropical places that offer great value for money. From authentic travel experiences, to bucket list vacations and weekend getaways – we’ve got you covered!

Get to know me

My professional background

I was born in the beautiful town of Marburg and raised in Franconia’s capital city Nuremberg by travel-enthusiastic parents who took me to different countries around Europe as a child.

I started solo-traveling and scuba diving at the age of 18 during a gap year I spent volunteering in the South-Pacific and Africa. Among other things, my love for travel was the reason I studied International Business and Tourism Management, and am now working part-time both as a digital marketer for small and medium-sized businesses in the tourism industry and a freelance travel writer.

On an extended trip through Southeast Asia in 2017, I also had the chance to take my diving career to the next level and not only finished my Divemaster training but also helped run a dive shop in the Philippines for a few months.

A few #funfacts

Wanna get to know me on a more personal level? Here are some #FunFacts:

#1 I play several instruments (incl. guitar, bass, piano and percussions) and have been playing in a band on and off for years
#2 I love writing songs about my travels
#3 I’m seriously hooked on a couple of TV shows, including Game of Thrones, Blacklist, Scandal and Friends
#4 I’m an airline waste bag collector (Are you, too? Yaay! Drop me a line – let’s exchange some bags! 🙂 )
#5 I prefer savoury over sweet
#6 I have two dread locks
#7 Despite traveling so much, I am prone to motion sickness regardless of which means of transport I use
#8 I believe that everything happens for a reason

Lena On The Move Logo

The “Lena On The Move” – Logo is a unique design created by Studio 32. First of all, the logo has a slight handmade craft feel instead of a sharp-edged image to emphasize that I am on the move and not standing still. The colors blue and green represent both the sea and earth, meaning that I love exploring both oceans and countries to an equal extent. Because of my love for diving, I also had a whale incorporated into the top of the globe that serves as the base of the logo. A lot of people have a hard time making out the whale, though I’d itended for it to be subtle, creative and not too obvious.