18 Underwater Photos That Will Inspire You To Go Diving In The Philippines

In 2017, I spent almost half a year in the Philippines, during which time I had the opportunity to work as Divemaster at a dive center in Siquijor for several months. Not only did I discover tons of beautiful dive sites all over the Philippines but I also got to know other dive enthusiasts. One of those lovely people I had the pleasure to meet is Klaus Stiefel, who is a dive instructor, passionate fish biologist, underwater photographer and blogger at Pacificklaus.

Regardless of whether you prefer rich coral walls, fascinating wrecks or macro sites – the Philippines offer various world-class dive sites worth exploring. In this post, I’ve compiled 18 underwater photos (shot and contributed to by pacificklaus and myself) from different dive sites across numerous islands to show you the incredible marine diversity the Philippines have to offer. Hopefully, these shots will inspire you to go diving in this fantastic Southeast Asian nation as well.

Flasher Wrasse_Malapascua
© Klaus “Pacificklaus” Stiefel

Unique Corals

School Of Fish
© Klaus “Pacificklaus” Stiefel

Underwater Canyons

Tresher Shark
© Klaus “Pacificklaus” Stiefel


Wreck Diving
© Klaus “Pacificklaus” Stiefel

Coral Terraces

Box Fish_Malapascua
© Klaus “Pacificklaus” Stiefel


Lion Fish
© Klaus “Pacificklaus” Stiefel


© Klaus “Pacificklaus” Stiefel

Sea Urchins

School Of Fish
© Klaus “Pacificklaus” Stiefel

Little Creatures

Mandarin Fish_Malapascua
© Klaus “Pacificklaus” Stiefel
Sea Cucumber
© Klaus “Pacificklaus” Stiefel

If you like underwater pictures, especially macro photography, be sure to follow pacificklaus on Flickr, Facebook – and even YouTube for some kick-ass marine life moving images.

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Did you know?
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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like the pictures! Pretty hard question – I think my top two top favorite dive sites were Rudy’s Rock in Balicasag Island and Coral Garden (next to Maite Marine Sanctuary) in Siquijor Island. Both of these dive sites offer an abundance of marine life and you never really know what you’re going to see, but it is special every single time you dive there. 🙂

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