5 Of The Most Beautiful Hidden Gems In Majorca, Spain

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Mallorca. More than a party island.

The popular Mediterranean island of Majorca, also often referred to as the 17th state of Germany due to the large number of German tourists, is known for being a party island and beach holiday destination. However, many people don’t know that the small Balearic island has much more to offer than party beaches and all-inclusive resorts.

On my last trip to Majorca, I challenged myself to find at least five hidden gems away from the crowds. Places that hardly anyone knows and that hardly anyone visits while staying in Majorca.

From clear mountain lakes and impressive hiking trails to hidden canyons and blue lagoons – Mallorca’s nature is diverse and offers a unique travel experience for any outdoor lover.

So, if you want to get out of the hotel on your next trip to the Balearics and get to know the true beauty of the island, you should take note of the following Majorca hidden gems!

Torrent de Pareis View
Looking for real Majorca hidden gems? The Mediterranean island has a diverse landscape offering many beautiful spots away from the crowds

1. Cala Murta

One of the highlights of our trip to Majorca was definitely our day trip to the beautiful Cap de Formentor, the northernmost point of the island.

As you follow the winding road from Port de Pollença, you will have incredible views of the bay of Port de Pollença and the north coast, which is full of windsurfers. At some point, you reach a small parking lot at the roadside, from which you can hike up to a viewpoint. It only takes about 5 minutes and is totally worth it.

The landscape at Cap Formentor is unique, the cliffs steep and the water blue.

Cap de Formentor
Cap de Formentor is already worth a day trip!

Most tourists continue driving to the lighthouse, the officially northernmost point of Majorca. We decided to visit the coves Cala Figuera and Cala Murta instead.

Especially Cala Murta, which is a little further away from the road, is an absolute paradise. It is small, secluded and totally off the beaten path, and if you’re lucky, you’re the only visitor in the area except for a few mountain goats or donkeys that you’ll hear in the distance.

Unfortunately, the beach is not sandy, so water shoes or at least flip-flops are recommended if you want to go for a swim. The water is super clear and clean – which is no mystery as there are not many people here who could possibly pollute the bay.

How to get there:
Drive to Cap de Formentor by car. After the first viewpoint and before the lighthouse, park at the roadside and follow the signs to Cala Figuera or Cala Murta. It will take you around 20-25min on a relatively flat, dirt road to get to Cala Murta.

Cala de Murta
Small, secluded and totally off the beaten path: the little bay Cala Murta

2. Cala d’Or Coves

In some other travel blogs, we read that the beaches in and around Cala d’Or are supposed to be very nice. We were also told that there are numerous small bays along the cliffs in the south and north of Cala d’Or.

And it’s true. The coast of Cala d’Or is rocky, but not impossible to pass. With proper footwear and a bit of time, it is no problem to find your own little bay that you’ll have all to yourself. The water here is particularly clear and blue and reminds me of some of the gorgeous beaches and lagoons in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines.

Especially beautiful in the area are the beaches of Cala Gran, Cala Esmeralda, and Cala Ferrera.

If climbing is not your thing, just relax on the beaches. During the week it is not nearly as busy as on the weekend.

How to get there:
Drive your car to Cala d’Or in the east of the island. You can park the car just by the side of the road or at a public car park in Cala d’Or.

Cala d'Or
Cala d’Or has nice beaches and lots of small bays that you have all to yourself.

3. Mondragó Natural Park

The Mondragó Natural Park near the town of Santanyi was declared a nature reserve in the 1990s. Not only did they want to protect the beautiful and versatile vegetation in the area, but they also wanted to ensure that it stays home for the local birds.

The nature park covers three bays, though only one of them has tourism amenities, such as umbrellas, restaurants and public toilets. The other two beaches are a lot more off the beaten path, and you will often find yourself there with only a handful of other tourists.

On various hiking trails, you can explore the nature park on your own – on foot or by bike – and take a swim in the crystal clear waters of the small bays in between.

If you are looking for a relaxing day in nature, far away from the resorts and beaches of Majorca, then Mondragó Natural Park is the place to go.

How to get there:
Drive to Santanyi, south of Cala d’Or. The Nature Park is not far from there. You may either park in one of the parking lots (for a fee) or right outside the parking lot on the side of the road. Walking to the Nature Park from here takes around 10min, depending on which bay you’d like to go to.

Mondrago Natural Park
If you’re looking for a beach day away from the crowds, head to Mondrago Natural Park.

4. Serra de Tramuntana

Did you know that there is a UNESCO-awarded mountain range in Majorca?

The Serra de Tramuntana in the northwest of the island is a must-see region. The landscape here is stunning with unique flora and fauna, unlike anywhere else on the island. There are even a few mountain lakes at the foot of the Puig Major, the highest mountain in Mallorca.

The Serra de Tramuntana offers panoramic roads, numerous hiking and mountain bike trails and breathtaking viewpoints.

The mountain villages are charming and a lot more traditional than the rest of the island

Oh, and not to forget, of course, are the cute little mountain villages, such as Deia, Sóller or Valldemossa, which you can explore for a few hours. These towns all have their individual charm and are still quite traditional compared to the rest of the island.

How to get there:
The easiest way to go into the mountains is by car. You can drive there via Pollenca in the north, via Selva or via Santa Maria del Cami to the Serra de Tramuntana.

Serra de Tramuntana
There are many Majorca hidden gems within the mountain region of the Serra de Trumantana

5. Torrent de Pareis

The gorge of Torrent de Pareis and Playa de So Calobra, not far from Sa Calobra, was definitely one of our top highlights on our trip.

Nature here is just breathtakingly beautiful. I hardly know any other place where the sea kisses the mountains in such a magnificent way. The canyon on one side, a remote* beach with deep blue, crystal clear water on the other.

*An important tip: this place is ONLY remote if you come before the day-trippers from Palma: That being said, be sure to be there at 8 am at the latest – then make your way back as soon as the coaches arrive around 10ish.

The short walk, including the illuminated tunnel through the rocks of Sa Calobra to the Torrent de Pareis, takes around 10 minutes and is manageable with sneakers. However, if you want to explore the canyon, I recommend bringing hiking boots as the ground is often uneven and rocky. Even the beach in front is rocky, so definitely wear water shoes if you want to go swimming.

Torrent de Pareis Canyon
Hiking the canyon of Torrent de Pareis is a beautiful activity for any nature lover

After coming out of the last tunnel, you’ll see a chart on the right with all kinds of information regarding walking times and route options through the canyon. If you wish to hike through the canyon, definitely plan few hours and take enough water as there are no shopping facilities, snack bars or sales carts outside of Sa Calobra – It’s really just nature! 🙂

How to get there:
By car on the panoramic road to Sa Calobra (attention: very winding road!). From Sa Calobra, walk to the Torrent de Pareis.

Torrent de Pareis Lagoon
Torrent de Pareis looks just like a lagoon straight out of a travel magazine

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