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Nature Getaway: Stunning Places To Visit Near Lake Constance In 3 Days

April 25, 2019

Located at the northern foot of the Alps, Lake Constance is the third-largest lake in Central Europe. With its 63 km in length, it borders three countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) making it a popular destination for many people who like to tick three different countries off their travel bucket list in top speed.

However, Lake Constance is also a perfect location if you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway in spring or summer. From a city break to a nature stay – the possibilities at Lake Constance are endless!

Mount Pfänder Hiking

The area around and near Lake Constance is diverse and offers plenty of things to see and do.

What To Do At Lake Constance In 3 Days?

You could easily spend a week or even more just exploring the shoreline and towns around Lake Constance.

Personally, I also wanted to see the area near the lake and decided to spend 2 days at the lake and one day a little further away.

As I’ve already mentioned, the options are endless, so this is just another idea for a 3-day getaway itinerary near Lake Constance.

Day 1: Visit Lindau

Make your way to Lindau.

If you come to Lindau by car, I suggest parking at one of the large car parks before the bridge connecting the mainland and island of Lindau.

Walking into the city center via the bridge only takes a few minutes.

Lindau is the largest town on the Bavarian shores of Lake Constance and a popular day trip destination for people who are on vacation in the area.

Take a walk around the gorgeous Old Town for a while. Check out the extensive pedestrian zone with arcades, fountains, small shops and cozy cafés. While strolling around town, you will also pass various well-preserved buildings from different historical eras as well as the Old Town Hall built in 1436.

However, Lindau is most famous for its beautiful harbor featuring an 800-year-old lighthouse as well as the Bavarian lion and new lighthouse at the end of the outer harbor walls.

You can even enjoy the view from the observation deck of the new lighthouse. The entrance fee is around 2 € for adults – definitely money well spent! You’ll get magnificent views of both the city of Lindau and the uplands of Lake Constance on the other side.

One of my highlights in Lindau was a walk on the Uferweg, which is a promenade around the island. You can start the trail at the harbor and follow it until you get back towards the bridge that connects Lindau with the mainland. The seafront promenade offers excellent views, and a few recreation stops along the way.

Lindau Harbour

Likely one of Germany’s cutest places: the city of Lindau right on Lake Cosntance.

Day 2: Visit Bregenz & Hike Mt. Pfänder

Only 15 minutes by car from Lindau, you’ll find the Austrian town of Bregenz perched on the southeastern shore of Lake Constance.

Bregenz has various great museums and a fantastic lakeside open-air opera where you can enjoy all kinds of shows throughout the summer.

After a pleasant stroll around the city center and along the shores of Lake Constance, I recommend taking the cable car to the top of Mount Pfänder. Not only will you have panoramic views of Lake Constance and the Allgäu Alps, but you’ll also find numerous scenic hiking trails. If you’re super active, save money and hike up Mount Pfänder – it will be quite a challenge, though.

The top station of Mount Pfänder has become a major tourist attraction over the last couple of years. You’ll likely come across many day trippers who just come here to enjoy lunch in one of the restaurants overlooking Lake Constance or to relax in a chair on the station’s sun deck.

However, if you want to see the real beauty and tranquility of this mountain, I suggest following one of the trails for a few hours, and perhaps even descend via one of the paths leading back to Bregenz instead of taking the cable car.


Pfänderbahn and the platform of Mount Pfänder offer stunning views of Lake Constance.

Day 3: Explore The Allgäu Alps

You can reach the uplands of Lake Constance after a short drive. This mountain region is referred to as the Allgäu Alps and occupies the southern part of the Bavarian and Swabian regions.

Just like the mountain range south of Munich, this upland forms the border between Germany and Austria.

Many people come to the Allgäu Alps for a multiple-day or even week-long holiday as it is such a diverse region with an incredibly beautiful landscape, excellent wellness and spa resorts and various cultural attractions, such as several fairy-tale castles like the famous Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen.

Depending on the weather, I recommend spending the day outside hiking through dense forests, relaxing at one of the mirror-like alpine lakes or cycling from one quaint village to the next. The possibilities are endless.

Great day trip destinations from Lake Constance include Wangen im Allgäu, Obertaufen or Sonthofen.  Perhaps check with the local tourist information center to see which tour or activity makes sense on that particular day and time.

More Time In The Area? Here’s A Special Tip!

Located in the heart of Upper Swabia is the spa town of Bad Waldsee. This picturesque town of 20.000 is situated between two natural lakes, which you can effortlessly surround in an hour. The medieval town with its Baroque and Gothic architecture and cozy cafés makes for a perfect stroll all year round. Moreover, Bald Waldsee has numerous museums and exhibitions worth checking out.

However, over the years, the town has become most famous for its particularly good weather (the sunniest spa town in Germany) and innovative health programs, including aqua biking, aqua fitness and aqua ping in the mineral-rich thermal waters of the Waldsee-Therme.

Bad Waldsee City Center

A real hidden gem in southern Germany: the spa town of Bad Waldsee

Germany Footer

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For more detailed travel tips, city and castle guides, check out the Germany section and make sure to sign up for e-mail updates to receive a notification once I upload a new post!

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  1. Reply

    Agness | the adventure traveler

    May 1, 2019

    Lake Constance is very interesting. I think I would love to spend more than just 3 days here, there seems to be a lot of places that I can explore.

    • Reply


      May 1, 2019

      Hey there, you’re right, there’s tons of stuff to see and do around Lake Constance. You should definitely consider spending more than three days there if you’re time’s not limited! I’m sure you’ll have a great time!!

  2. Reply

    Danik the Explorer

    December 22, 2020

    I love heading around the North-Eastern side of the Bodensee and this was the first area I explored on my first visits to Austria and Deutschland back in 2006. Since then I have come back often to do a lot of hiking near Bregenz as well as taking in Medieval Lindau. Not a big fan of Friedrichshafen I have to say. I will try and get to other parts of the lake, but Lindau and Bregenz always drags me back. Once Mr Corona has gone, I will be back to get my Alpine fix. Love this post, great tips for first timers. Hope you are safe Lena and hopefully 2021, we be back on the road. 😀

    • Reply


      December 26, 2020

      Thanks so much for your feedback! Stay safe & happy holidays! xx


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