Discover The Best Of Fiji In 14 Days – A Sample Itinerary

Fiji is an island paradise in the South Pacific with exquisite beaches, a beautiful underwater world, and a very unique culture. The archipelago counts over 300 islands, but you don’t have to visit all of them to get an authentic Fijian experience.

As a teaching assistant at a school in Suva, I spent about 4 months in Fiji and had plenty of time to check out different islands are regions of the country.

If you have only limited vacation time, this Fiji itinerary is for you! I created this self-guided trip to help you see the highlights of Fiji and experience a little bit of everything the country has to offer (rainforest, beaches, action and relaxation) in only 2 weeks.

Fiji Itinerary

The Route In A Nutshell

Day 1: Nadi –> Sigatoka
Day 2: Sigatoka
Day 3: Coral Coast
Day 4: Coral Coast
Day 5: Suva
Day 6: Leleuvia
Day 7: Leleuvia
Day 8: Leleuvia –> Suva –> Taveuni
Day 9: Taveuni
Day 10: Taveuni
Day 11: Taveuni –> Vanua Levu
Day 12: Savusavu
Day 13: Savusavu –> Nadi
Day 14: Day Cruise Mamanuca Islands

Highlights Of The Trip

– See the Sigatoka Sand Dunes & visit Kula Wild Adventure Park
– Trek through the jungle and swing yourself in a jungle waterfall
– Participate in a beach yoga session (optional)
– Explore Fiji’s capital city Suva & dance the night away at a local club
– Relax at one of the finest beaches on one of the most deserted islands
– Stand between past and present on the International Dateline
– Go jungle-trekking in the lush rainforests of Taveuni
– Go scuba diving in the Rainbow Reef, one of the best dive spots in the world
– Take part in an adrenaline-filled tubing adventure on a river near Savusavu
– Experience the stunning Mamanuca Islands on an all-inclusive day trip

14-Day Itinerary

Since this itinerary has a pretty tight schedule, be sure to add a few extra days here and there if you prefer traveling slowly.

Day 1: Sigatoka

Where To Stay: Sigatoka

From Nadi airport, make your way to Sigatoka, which is around 1 hour by bus.

Head to your accommodation and have a relaxed afternoon/evening, catch up on some sleep and get used to Fiji’s humid climate.

Day 2: Sigatoka

Where To Stay: Sigatoka

The first attraction in Sigatoka are the UNESCO-awarded Sigatoka Sand Dunes.

The National Park can only be explored on foot, though the two-hour round trip isn’t too difficult. At the information center, get a map of the national park, so you won’t get lost when self-guiding your way through grasslands, woods and up to the dunes. From the top of the dunes you have a stunning view of the coast.

You can get to the sand dunes by bus, minibus or taxi. The taxi fare from Sigatoka to the national park is around 10 FJD.

Sigatoka Sand Dunes
The Sigatoka Sand Dunes are a UNESCO world heritage site.

In the afternoon, make your way to Kula Wild Adventure Park, which is located in a forested area about 8 km from Sigatoka.

The natural fauna of Fiji consists mainly of numerous species of birds and reptiles, many of which have been listed endangered species over the past decades. Kula Wild Adventure Park is all about protecting the most threatened bird and reptile species and increasing their population. When visiting this interactive park, you can learn about their breeding programs and even help feeding birds, iguanas and other animals.

Have a relaxed evening at your accommodation.

Kula Wild Adventure Park
The Kula Wild Adventure Park is an interactive park focusing on the protection of Fijian wildlife.

Day 3: Coral Coast

Where To Stay: Coral Coast

Make your way to the Coral Coast, which is only a short bus ride from Sigatoka.

The Coral Coast is an 80km stretch of white beaches and secluded bays along the southern shores of Viti Levu. The coast has become well known for its variety of accommodation options, such as family-friendly resorts, boutique hotels and backpacker hostels.

However, the region is also home to many local villages where you can get a glimpse of the real Fijian way of life.

I recommend checking out Beachhouse, a family-owned resort that calls itself a boutique hostel for backpackers. It is nestled within an idyllic coconut plantation and is the perfect little beach retreat for budget-minded travelers.

What I loved most about the Beachhouse is the fact that they offer so many activities at reasonable prices. From surfing lessons to snorkeling tours and jungle treks – the options are endless and will likely keep you busy for at least two days.

Have a relaxed evening at the beach and in your accommodation.

Coral Coast
The Coral Coast is the perfect to spot to relax and unwind for a few days.

Day 4: Coral Coast

Where To Stay: Coral Coast

Start your day with a (sunrise) beach yoga session and a good breakfast at your accommodation.

Besides all the water activities that you can do, I recommend going on a jungle trek with a local guide, whom your accommodation may organize for you. There are good chances you will be taken to a beautiful little waterfall only the locals know about. Once you’re there, you can swim in the natural pool of the waterfall and even climb up the slippery rocks to get a fun photo.

Jungle Trek
A local will guide you to the hidden jungle waterfall.

In the afternoon, go kayaking, try stand-up paddleboarding or go snorkeling in a coral reef only meters away. If you prefer a quiet afternoon, consider taking part in a free coconut jewelry class or enjoy the summer vibes while relaxing in the hammocks on the beach.

Jewelery Design
At Beachhouse you can participate in free coconut jewelery classes.

Most resorts also organize bonfire nights and traditional Kava ceremonies on a regular basis.

Day 5: Suva

Where To Stay: Suva

On day 5, make your way to Fiji’s capital city, Suva, which is about 1.5 hours driving from the Coral Coast.

To be honest, Suva is not the prettiest of towns. It is noisy, humid and usually packed with people. However, it is the capital city and has a few things worth discovering.

For example, there’s Suva’s main market, which is full of local vegetables and fruits. You can stock up on healthy snacks here for very little money.

If you’re interested in learning about the history of the Fiji Islands, you may want to check out the Fiji Museum, which is home to exhibits and ancient artifacts.

Suva also offers some of the best shopping in Fiji with several shopping malls, like the MHCC or the TappooCity, along with great both local and international restaurants.

If you feel Suva is not your thing, you may also spend the afternoon at Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, which is an excellent place for hiking and swimming in palm-fringed freshwater pools. The park is not far from Suva and a peaceful respite from Suva’s urban chaos.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a night out in a bar or club, Suva is the right place to be! The city has a vibrant nightlife with unique pubs and liberal night clubs. The good thing is: compared to other countries around the world, Fijian parties tend to start pretty early in the evening, so it is totally possible to dance the night away and still be able to get a good night’s sleep. 😉

Suva is the capital city of Fiji and an urban melting pot.

Day 6: Leleuvia

Where To Stay: Leleuvia

Today, you’re going to head to paradise!

After breakfast at your accommodation or a café in Suva, make your way to Suva’s bus terminal.

Take a bus to Nausori Town. Once you’re there, catch another bus to Bau Landing. The Leleuvia Island Resort crew will pick you up at Bau Landing and take you on an idyllic 40-minute boat ride to the small island. (Be sure to book with them in advance and tell them what time they should pick you up at Bau Landing!)

Once in Leleuvia, settle in your accommodation and have a relaxed afternoon and evening in this little gem.

Day 7: Leleuvia

Where To Stay: Leleuvia

Have a relaxed day on Leleuvia Island.

Enjoy some snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming and sun-bathing. The resort usually organizes other fun activities as well.

Perhaps, they’ll even do a Lovo-Night (Lovo is the national dish) and Kava-Ceremony while you’re there.

Also, don’t forget to go to the beach at night to see the stars. As there is no light around the island, it is the perfect place to watch the stars and star constellations of the Southern hemisphere.

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Leleuvia Island
For a few days of pure relaxation, visit the island paradise of Leleuvia.

Day 8: Leleuvia –> Suva –> Taveuni

Where To Stay: Taveuni/Ferry

After two relaxing island days, you’re going to leave Fiji’s main island Viti Levu today.

From Bau Landing, take a bus back to Nausori Town.

There are two options to get to Taveuni:

Fast & Expensive option

Take a taxi (or bus) to Nausori Airport and fly to Taveuni. The flight is only 1 hour and costs around 100 €, which I do consider worth the money if you have limited time in Fiji.

Slow & Cheap option

Take a bus back to Suva, spend the afternoon in the capital city and board an overnight ferry to Taveuni at 6 pm. The ferry ride is between 14-16 hours to Taveuni (via Savusavu). The price is less than 30 € for the economy and around 40 € for a first-class ticket. If you’re on a budget and you’re flexible with your time, this might be a good option for you.

Once in Taveuni, make your way to your accommodation and have a relaxed evening.

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Day 9: Taveuni

Where To Stay: Taveuni

Taveuni is the third-largest island in Fiji and home to lush jungles, secluded waterfalls, beautiful beaches and plenty of wildlife.

If you have the chance, go on a half-day/full-day trek in Bouma National Heritage Park, which makes up 1/3 of Taveuni. Explore the Fijian flora, see native wildlife, and take a dip in the famous Tavoro Falls. Guided tours are available in many resorts. You can also find all kinds of information and guides at the visitor center of the national park.

Taveuni Natural Waterslide
Taveuni is home to waterfalls, rainforests and cool natural attractions, such as this natural rock slide.

If there’s still time in the afternoon (or on the next day), check out the Waitavala Water Slide, which is, in fact, a natural rock slide.

Very close to Waitavala Water Slide, you’ll also find the International Dateline. It is one of three spots in the world where you can jump between past and present time.

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International Dateline Taveuni
Stand between past & present on the International Dateline in Taveuni.

Day 10: Taveuni

Where To Stay: Taveuni

Besides the rainforests, Taveuni is most famous for its excellent dive sites.

Both the Rainbow Reef as well as the Somosomo Strait are often considered some of the world’s top dive sites. They’re home to healthy coral gardens and over 1500 species of fish.

Whether you’re a dive novice or professional diver, I recommend taking a half-day/full-day dive (or snorkel) trip with any of the dive shops on Taveuni to see the colorful underwater world yourself.

It is truly a unique and totally awesome dive experience you don’t want to miss when in Taveuni.

Day 11: Vanua Levu

Where To Stay: Savusavu

Again, you have two options to get to Savusavu.

The first option is taking a domestic flight from Taveuni Airport to Savusavu.

The other, much cheaper option, is to take a local ferry from Lovonivonu in Taveuni to Buca Bay on Vanua Levu. The ride is about 2 hours. A bus will pick you up at Buca Bay for another 2-hour drive to Savusavu. The price is less than 10 €. There’s no website to book this ferry, though your accommodation will be able to organize the trip for you.

Once you’re in Savusavu, make your way to your accommodation and, perhaps, have a stroll around this gorgeous harbor town. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés on the waterfront.

Savusavu is a pretty town on Fiji’s second-largest island Vanua Levu.

Day 12: Savusavu

Where To Stay: Savusavu

The hills and valleys surrounding Savusavu are covered in lush rainforest and offer incredible hiking opportunities.

I recommend going on a guided trek to explore the colorful and diverse flora and fauna as well as some stunning cascades and natural pools.

If you’re looking for some more action-filled adventures, consider booking a half-day river tubing tour. I took part in this tour, which is basically a 1.5-hour river ride with some sections of the river being relaxing and others being fast and adventurous. Afterward, you’ll be taking to a volcanic hot spring in the middle of the tropical rainforest, where you can take a dip in the water and enjoy lunch with the group.

A tubing adventure is not only fun but a great way to experience the nature in Vanua Levu.

Day 13: Nadi

Where To Stay: Nadi

Today, you’re going to fly back to Nadi, which is by far the fastest way to get back to Viti Levu.

If you’re on a budget, add an extra day and consider taking the local overnight ferry instead.

In the afternoon, take a walk around Nadi. You can visit Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, which is an impressive and very colorful complex with woodcarvings of Indian Hindu deities.

If you need to buy some last-minute souvenirs, head to Nadi Handicraft Market, though be sure to negotiate prices.

If you haven’t booked your day trip for the next day yet, purchase tickets online or through your accommodation to make sure there is enough space on the boat for you.

Day 14: Mamanuca Day Trip

Where To Stay: Nadi

On your last day, I recommend taking a day trip to the Mamanuca Islands.

The Mamanuca Group is made up of 20 small volcanic islands, some tiny coral atolls surrounded by sand bars and palm-fringed beaches.

There are many different island cruises available, though I consider this Mamanuca Sailing Day Trip one of the most authentic tours.

You will take a sightseeing cruise through the beautiful archipelago and spend some time on a tiny island that you have all to yourself. You can do snorkeling and other activities and enjoy breakfast, lunch, and several snacks aboard the vessel.

It will undoubtedly be an excellent way to complete your 2-week trip around Fiji.

Mamanuca Cruise
A day trip around Fiji’s Mamaunca Islands will be a nice way to end your trip.

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