11 Creative Gift Ideas For Divers

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It´s always a great feeling being able to give a gift to someone that will be genuinely appreciated. Usually, this happens when you keep in mind what subject or hobby someone is particularly fond of, such as football, tennis or scuba diving.

I´m neither a football nor tennis player, but I might help you with ideas on what to give a diver for a special occasion. When you´re not a diver yourself, it´s hard to come up with gifts both practical and fun. That´s why I created this list of creative gift ideas for divers with options for every budget.

1. DIY Dive Voucher

Gift Voucher Diving

This is probably one of the most creative and flexible gifts for any diver. Just design and personalize a gift voucher for your diver friend. You can decide what you want it to be for, for example, “Voucher for ONE DIVE at [Reef Name] in [Location]” or “Voucher for ONE DIVE TRIP incl. equipment in [Location]” or “Voucher for your FIRST NIGHT DIVE”. There are endless possibilities. You can even give this voucher as a group gift and include a few notes.

2. DIY Scuba Diving Care Package

As a diver you need a lot of things when going on a dive trip. Why not design and fill a scuba diving care package for your friend with useful items, such as a small tube of sunscreen, a small container of baby lotion (to defog mask before diving), perhaps a pack of seasickness pills, ear drops, a small bottle of vinegar (first aid in case of bruises), pen, etc. There are tons of things you can include into the package.

3. Log Book

A diver’s log book is a great gift idea if you know that the other person doesn´t already have several of them. There are numerous excellent log books available on the internet with different designs, material and style. However, you could also create one yourself and just buy a bunch of empty pages to fill it with. That way the log book becomes more personalized and even less expensive. By the way, a log book would be a perfect gift for someone who´s about to start or has just started diving as chances are high that he/she hasn´t already gotten one.

4. Dry Bag

This is another one of my favorite gifts. A dry bag is something not just divers need but also snorkelers or pretty much anyone who spends a significant amount of time near the water. My dry bag was probably the item I used most while working as a Divemaster in the Philippines. They´re super handy, they´re cheap and the safest way to transport devices like cameras or cell phones on a boat. You can get them in different shapes, sizes and colors.

5. Wrist Lanyard

They are inexpensive, available in various colors and extremely useful for divers of all kind. Wrist lanyards can be used to keep dive accessories, such as pointers, underwater cameras or dive torches close.

6. Pointer

Some divers like shakers to call attention to themselves. However, I prefer pointers since they have several functions. For example, you can not only catch the other divers’ attention in an emergency but also use it as a tool to show macro aquatic life to fellow divers, which would otherwise hardly be visible.

7. Keychains

If you want to give a diving fan a small gift out of courtesy, consider getting him/her a dive-themed keychain. There are tons of different sizes, colors and styles available online, such as on Amazon.com or Scubatoys.com.

8. Luggage Tag

Every diver has to travel and therefore needs a luggage tag. Why not combine the idea of diving with those ordinary items and get your friend dive-themed luggage tags for his/her suitcase or backpack?

9. Metal Signs

Metal signs are always great gifts. The other person can put them wherever they like and they are very trendy, too. There are many scuba-themed metal signs available with different designs, colors and shapes.

10. Unique Mask Strap Cover

Most masks come without a mask strap cover, so chances are high that your dive friend hasn’t already gotten one. Standard mask strap covers are available in different colors and styles. However, you can make your mask strap cover really unique by customizing it with a logo or your friend´s name. There are a few stores online where you can personalize them, such as this one.

11. Scuba Tank Water Bottle

This lightweight, yet very sturdily built thermos in the shape of a scuba tank is a great gift for divers. It´s important to drink lots of water while on a dive trip, so this bottle is definitely of good use. Plus, the design looks like a real miniature scuba tank and will undoubtedly make for a good laugh or icebreaker among everyone on the boat.

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11 Creative Gift Ideas For Divers
11 Creative Gift Ideas For Divers
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