Budget Travel

You don´t have to be rich to be enriched!

Over the years I've learned that budget travel is actually not that difficult when you're ready to go without luxury and to simply change your line of thinking a little bit. I find it incredibly disappointing that there are still so many people who believe that travel is some sort of prestige activity. It is not. And that's why I started writing my very own Budget Travel Guides to show you how to travel specific areas without spending a fortune.

All of my Budget Travel Guides are based on my own experiences. I only review and recommend places I’ve been to myself. I always try to keep the destination guides as general as possible regarding activities, so chances are high that everyone finds an activity they like.

A lot of my Travel Guides are available in both English and German.
If you have any questions concerning my guides or the places I recommend, just drop me a line.

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