Welcome to my Budget Dive Guides!

These Dive Guides contain useful information and tips on how to dive on a budget.

You don't have to be rich to be enriched!

"Budget" and "Diving" might sound like a contrast to you as scuba diving is widely considered a rather expensive activity.
However, despite being a somewhat prestige activity, I think scuba diving should be accessible for anyone who's interested in immersing themselves into a whole new world. I´m a firm believer in the possibility that anyone may discover the incredible world underwater no matter which financial background they come from.

Just like budget traveling, budget diving is a lot about being able to change your way of thinking and set priorities differently. I started looking into the subject of budget diving a few months ago, and I am eager to share my ideas with you regarding going scuba diving without having to spend a fortune.

All of my Budget Dive Guides are based on my own experiences. I only review and recommend places I’ve been to myself.
If you have any questions concerning my guides or the places I recommend, just drop me a line.