UK - Roadtrip On A Small Island (2012)

Part 1: 12 hours on the motorway and a hearty welcome to lovely UK

Part 2: Melted Cheddar – Lime ‘n Soda

Fiji - Impressions From The Other Side Of The World (2012/2013)

Part 1: FIJI | First Impressions From The Other Side Of The World

Part 2: FIJI | Teaching Assistant Experiences

Part 3: FIJI | Tales & Truths

Part 4: FIJI | Hurricane Evan In Taveuni & Christmas In Viti Levu

Part 5: FIJI | Summer School Experience

Part 6: FIJI | All Good Things Come To An End

Part 7: MOCE & VINAKA VAKA LEVU FIJI | the conclusion

Botswana - A Month In The Bush (2013)

Part 1: Waka waka – It´s time for Africa!

Part 2: Botswana – Why It`s Common To Experience Culture Shock In The African Bush

Part 3: Botswana – How I Overcame The Fear Of Creepy Crawlies In The African Bush

Part 4: Botswana – Louis Trichardt and adventure walks through the bush

UK - London Madness (2013)

April-trip to London and May-madness at home.

UAE - Escape Into The Middle East (2013)

Escape into the Middle East

Canada & USA - Backpacking Along The East Coast (2014)

Part 1: Canada – Countdown PART I

Part 2: Canada – Countdown PART II

Part 3: Backpackless Backpacking – Part I

Part 4: Backpackless Backpacking – Part II

Part 5: From lively Toronto to sleepy Buffalo…

Part 6: 1 Week – 7 States: On the trail of the Pilgrims!

Part 7: The Green Mountain State & Big Apple

Part 8: Backpacking in North America – THE CONCLUSION

Martinique & Guadeloupe - Exploring The French Caribbean (2015)

Part 1: Bienvenue en Martinique!

Part 2: Creole food, rum, pot – GWADA

UK - Backpacking in Scotland (2015)

King Arthur, Whiskey and Nessie - Autumn backpacking trip to Scotland

USA - The Mississippi Blues Trail (2016)

Part 1: The Mississippi Blues Trail – Part 1

Part 2: The Mississippi Blues Trail – Part 2

The Philippines - Adventures around 7107 islands (2017):

Part 1: Kumusta Palawan!

Part 2: Trekking in North Luzon

Part 3: Tarsiers, spiders and seaturtles - the perks of island life 

Part 4: The Visayas - the good, the bad and some puppies

Malaysia - Backpacking along the West Coast (2017)

Culinary delicacies, urban arts and a cultural melting pot – Exploring Malaysia’s West Coast

Taiwan - Teipei (2017)

Taipei in 48 hours – temples, food and rainbow colors

Vietnam - Roadtrip from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi (2017)

Tales & Truths about Vietnam

Thailand - Traveling off the beaten path (coming soon) (2017)

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