60+ Of The Best Diving Hashtags For Maximum Exposure On Instagram

April 11, 2019

HashtagsAlong with valuable social media content, one of the most important elements of getting social media attention is the usage of the right hashtags. Especially on Instagram, hashtags are the primary key to attracting potential customers, connecting with similar accounts and hence growing your following.

With hashtags, you can show your photos to people who are not (yet) following you. If someone clicks on a hashtag and if your photo has recently been shared with the same hashtag, he/she will likely see it.

However, not all hashtags are the same. In this post, you’ll read about different hashtag categories you can use as well as the best diving hashtags and diving related hashtags that will certainly maximize your exposure among scuba lovers on Instagram.

Hashtag Basics

Which Hashtags Should You Add?

It might be tempting to include all kinds of hashtags that pop into your head. However, it is essential to determine the size and quality of each hashtag first.

In both posts and stories on Instagram, the main goal of hashtags is to be seen and found by people who might be interested in your content but are not following you yet.

Therefore it is crucial for your photo to remain in the upper area of the individual hashtag feed for a while. This is simply not possible when using hashtags like #diving or #fun because those hashtags have been tagged millions of times, which means new posts are coming in every other second pushing your photo way down within a few minutes. Therefore exposure will be rather low compared to a hashtag feed that only gets new posts every 10 minutes.

Statistics have shown that it’s most effective to combine large hashtags (>  1m tagged posts) with medium-sized hashtags (100k-900k tagged posts) and even a few small hashtags (< 100k tagged posts).

In my experience, it is best to combine the following hashtag sizes:

5-8 hashtags with < 100k tagges posts = Small Hashtags
12-20 hashtags with < 1m tagged posts = Medium Hashtags
Max. 2 hashtags with > 1m tagged posts = Large Hashtags

How Many Hashtags Should You Add?

Many people include the maximum possible amount of hashtags, which is 30.

However, if you put 30 hashtags in your caption, it looks quite spammy to me, which is why I prefer to use 20-25 hashtags and put them in the first comment instead.

After all, the results you get through the right usage of hashtags is rarely a matter of quantity, but quality!


Popular Scuba Diving Hashtags

General Hashtags For Scuba Diving

Diving As An Activity/Hobby:

Large Hashtags:

#scubadiving4 m
#diving6.7 m
#scuba3.6 m
#underwater5.7 m
#ocean57 m


Medium Hashtags:

#scubadive570 k
#freedive770 k
#onebreath170 k
#divers341 k
#discoverocean158 k
#buceo550 k
#plongee106 k
#tauchen240 k
#waterlust256 k
#ilovediving103 k
#instadive170 k
#blueworld100 k


Small Hashtags:

#instascuba41 k
#instaunderwater3 k
#instaocean61 k
#scubaworld38 k


Diving As A Lifestyle:

Medium Hashtags:

#divelife135 k
#scubalife240 k
#divinglife180 k


Small Hashtags:

#scubadiverlife82 k
#divingisfun67 k
#scubadivingislife50 k
Diving Lifestyle

You can use hashtags like #divelife or #divingisfun to show activities related to scuba diving.

Hashtags That Are Related To Your Photo

People Who Dive:

Large Hashtags:

#diver1.3 m


Medium Hashtags:

#scubadiver447 k
#girlsthatscuba102 k
#scubagirl121 k
#scubadivers130 k


Small Hashtags:

#scubadivingwomen50 k
#scubajunkies60 k
#scubadivinggirls80 k
#scubadivergirls27 k
#girlswhofreedive57 k
#girlswhoscuba9 k
#scubagirls30 k

Use dive-related hashtags like #scubadiver or #instructor to describe any people in the photo.

Marine Life:

Large Hashtags:

#sealife3.5 m
#marinelife1.2 m
#sharkweek1 m


Medium Hashtags:

#underwaterworld705 k
#seaturtle750 k
#turtlelove203 k
#coralreef830 k
#tropicalfish768 k
#underwaterlife356 k


Small Hashtags:

#seaturtlelove10 k
#aquaticlife80 k
#sharklove85 k
#whalelove21 k
Sea Urchins

Use specific hashtags to describe any marine life in a photo.

Underwater Photography:

Large Hashtags:

#underwaterphotography2.5 m


Medium Hashtags:

#underwaterphoto607 k
#ocenaphotography337 k
#uwphoto295 k


Small Hashtags:

#scubaphoto96 k
#divingphoto51 k
#diving_photography41 k


Related Scuba Brands:

Large Hashtags:

#padi1.8 m


Medium Hashtags:

#ssi350 k
#cressi134 k
#mares300 k
#apnea530 k
#scubapro330 k
#aqualung100 k
#cmas130 k
Dive Brands

Add brand-related hashtags to show other divers which scuba brands you like.


Of course, you may always add the destination or dive site of your photo as a hashtag.

If you want to narrow the destination down to diving, a great way to do that is by adding #diving + [country], e.g. #divingphilippines, #divingthailand, #divinggalapagos, etc.

Also, don’t forget to tag any hashtags from a local dive shop or tourism board, e.g. #itsmorefuninthephilippines. It may not be particularly dive-related, though scuba diving is a huge part of many tropical locations. Using official tourism board hashtags, therefore, makes sense if you want to get the attention of potential dive guests or customers.

Other Hashtags:


#divetips1 k
#diveshop21 k


Your Own Hashtags

If you want to connect with your customers on a more personal level, why not create your own hashtag?

You can ask your dive guests to use these hashtags when sharing dive images on social media. As a result, you’ll get attention from their photos, AND it’ll be even easier for you to find all the pictures you were tagged in in just one place.

Your own hashtag can be your slogan or the name of your dive center. Or perhaps something random that’s related to the marine life you get to see when diving with you. Be creative!

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