Short trips have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Many companies in the tourism industry have already adjusted to the trend by offering special deals, budget fares, and other cool features aimed at getaway tourists.

One of the main benefits of getaways is the fact that they can be very diverse. From hiking trips to family get-togethers to themed vacations - pretty much all stays of no more than five nights are considered getaways. However, an average short stay is between two and three nights and often spent around a long weekend.

I´m a big fan of getaways myself. In this section of the website, I provide all kinds of useful information about short trips, some general money-saving tips, and destination recommendations. Also, take a look at the sub-sections, which may give you some inspiration regarding nature getaways for all the outdoor lovers out there, themed getaways to spice up your short trips a little bit as well as the classic city getaways.

General Information & Tips