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14 Unique Bucket List Travel Adventures For Couples In 2020

May 2, 2019

Those who travel together stay together.

You might have come across this saying before, and whether you’ve experienced it yourself or not, there’s definitely some truth to it.

Traveling as a couple is a memorable, exciting and certainly rewarding experience. Why? Because very often, you’re out of your comfort zones, facing challenges and enjoying incredible moments, getting to know new cultures and seeing new places for the first time – experiencing all of this together is truly exceptional.

In this post, I’ve listed several bucket list worthy travel adventures for couples, some of which we have experienced in the past few years and that have had a positive effect on our relationship. By the way, those adventures can be done by any couple – girls, boys, diverse, gay, straight, trans, black, white, Christian, Muslim, Hindi… you get the picture! 😉

Riding On Scooter

1. Ride A Scooter In Southeast Asia

Can sightseeing get even more intimate than riding together on a motorbike through rainforests, mountains, valleys, and local villages?

Basically, all nations in Southeast Asia can be considered scooter-friendly countries and allow for an affordable adventure on two wheels.

The Philippines in particular offer many different islands to experience, some of which are incredibly small. Traveling around on a scooter therefore is the fastest and most effective way of exploring these island paradises away from civilization.

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Sea Kayaking

2. Go Sea Kayaking In The Caribbean

While many people spend most of their time in the Caribbean lazing in the sun and relaxing on white, sandy beaches, why not go on an action-filled sea kayaking adventure?

With their mangroves, coves and hidden beaches, the French Antilles are absolutely perfect for sea kayaking. Great snorkeling and picnicking in one of the secret bays included.

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Cooking Class

3. Take Cooking Classes In Thailand

The way to a (wo)man’s heart is through her/his stomach.

Taking a cooking class together might be an excellent alternative to simply having dinner together at a restaurant.

Thailand is a country of aromatic spices and abundant flavors. Its local cuisine is loved and valued all around the world. So why not make use of the opportunity and learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes from a local?

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Having Wine On Rooftop Bar

4. Drink Wine At A Rooftop Bar In Malaysia

What’s better than having a glass of wine with your partner at night?

Right! Having a glass of wine with your partner and an amazing view of an illuminated city surrounding you! A city that never sleeps. But you, you’re above the traffic noise and people pacing from one place to the next. You can enjoy the bird’s eye view and don’t have to worry about the world below… at least for a while.

Many rooftop bars around the world will give you this chance for a great amount of money.

Kuala Lumpur’s incredible Heli Pad Bar is exceptional, though – a real hidden gem in Malaysia with rather affordable prices (’cause you only need to purchase one drink) and a unique location.

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Empty Beach

5. Spend Time On An Empty Beach In The South Pacific

Nothing will let you feel the happy vibes from The Lagoon like spending time on a desert beach just the two of you.

Wearing any clothes or not, you can swim, splash and have fun in the shallow waters of a white-sandy beach off the beaten path.

Nowadays it is kind of hard to find an empty beach like this, though it’s not impossible. Especially in the South Pacific, near island paradises like Vanuatu or Fiji, you can find yourself a desert island and rent it for a few days or hours until a boat comes back to pick you up.

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Multi-Day Trekking

6. Go On A Multi-Day Trek In The Alps

Going on a multi-day trek through the mountains can be an unforgettable trip for both of you.

Why? Because you’ll be spending all day outside in the beautiful mountain landscape hiking from one place to the next, which is an activity that usually sparks interesting conversations about things you might not have talked about before. Away from civilization and cell phone reception, you can enjoy each other’s company, motivate each other to keep going and, at night, fall asleep exhausted but happy.

Whether you want to hike in Nepal, the Rocky Mountains or the Alps, be prepared and bring decent hiking gear.

If multi-day treks are not your cup of tea, consider going on a nature getaway, where you can take day trips trekking somewhere and have the chance to return to your accommodation at night.


7. Watch A Sunset In The Philippines

Watching the sunset has always been considered a romantic activity. Thus so many proposals happening during sundown, right?

We have seen many sunsets around the world together, and while they were all exceptional and unique in their own way, we absolutely loved watching the sun go down in different places around the Philippines, such as Siquijor Island. We feel that the sunsets there were particularly colorful and epic.

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Desert sunrise

8. Watch A Sunrise In Vietnam

Just like sunsets, sunrises have special magic as well.

While a sunrise in any location welcomes a new day with new beginnings, new chances and new hope, it is especially intense when experiencing it in a gorgeous place.

All over social media, Cappadocia in Turkey and Bagan in Myanmar are hyped to be bucket list worthy sunrise destinations, yet I consider experiencing a sunrise in the desert just as epic. For example, why not go on an early morning tour to see the sunrise in the sand dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam?

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African Safari

9. Go On A Safari in Southern Africa

Going on an African safari could likely become one of your best travel experiences – even better if you have the chance to go on one together with your partner!

Not only will Southern Africa impress with an abundance of wildlife, such as elephants, rhinos, giraffes, impala and many more, but you will also get to be in the middle of a stunning, almost surreal landscape that can only be found on the African continent.

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Franconian Beers

10. Taste Unique Beers In Southern Germany

While most beer lovers probably head to Germany’s Oktoberfest, I suggest tasting beer in the region with the highest density of breweries in the world.

The region of Franconia in Southern Germany is where the actual German beer culture is rooted (not Munich!). Here you’ll find hundreds of small and very traditional breweries, some of which still brew beer according to their century-old recipes.

In the Franconian Switzerland Nature Park, you can not only check out all kinds of different beer styles but also trek from one brewery to the next on one of many beer trails.

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Scuba Diving

11. Dive Together / Get Scuba Certified

If you are both looking for an unforgettable adventure together, go scuba diving.

There’s so much to experience below the surface – and I don’t just mean marine life, beautiful corals and sea turtles.

Scuba diving can change you as a person, it challenges you and, at best, calms you. Having that kind of experience together is not only beneficial for any type of relationship but it also brings you closer to each other. Every diver needs a dive buddy – so be each other’s!

If you’re total novices, consider getting certified together on your next holiday. Passing the Open Water Diver level can be done in as little as 3 days. With this certification, you can pretty much dive any location around the world (depending on the dive site, though!).

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Kiss In Front Of Famous Building

12. Kiss In Front Of A Famous Building

I know this sounds kinda cheesy, but hey, who doesn’t wanna score that shot of your partner and yourself kissing on Time Square or in front of Big Ben or Taj Mahal or the Eiffel Tower… or Bamberg’s old town hall? 🙂

I know couples who have even started making this a tradition. They take a picture of themselves kissing in front of the most famous building in each country or city they are visiting. After a few years and many travels, they’ve managed to get an interesting compilation of kisses.

Road Trippin Germany

13. Go On A Road Trip Along Germany’s Romantic Road

Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.

The good thing about taking a road trip is the fact that you are in control – you decide where you feel like going and what you feel like doing.

From America’s Route 66 to Iceland’s Ring Road and South Africa’s Garden Route, the places and options are endless. However, one of the most romantic road trips is definitely Germany’s Romantic Road where you get to see all the fairy-tale castles, medieval towns and half-timbered buildings, plus beautiful landscapes, such as Franconian Switzerland or Saxon Switzerland.

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UNESCO Heritage Site

14. Visit A UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are over 1000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world.

They represent some of the world’s most significant historical and cultural treasures and are genuinely magnificent places to visit and learn about.

From incredibly beautiful castles in Germany to the Batad Rice Terraces to the ancient temples of My Son and Phoenician settlements in Lebanon, you could easily devote an entire vacation every year to UNESCO sites and would still not be able to visit all of them.

What was your favorite bucket list worthy travel experience as a couple? Let me know in the comments below!


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